Food and Organic pickup

food organicWe are setting up mechanisms that will enable you to dispose of your food related items in specific bags, so that we can ensure they go to the right places where they will be disposed properly.


Yard Waste Pickup

yard wasteWe also do pickup for your garden products such as leaves, cut grass and broken tree branches so that you don't have to inconvinience your next door neighbour by smoke from burning then! We also ensure that it is turned in mulch that can be used as manure.


Bulk Waste Pickup

bulk wasteRequest for bulk waste pick up of disposed furniture, machinery and other bulky items and we shall see them off to the appropriate recyclers.


Curbside pickup

curbside pickupColnet offers environmentally friendly curbside bins to help in easy garbage collection. These bins ensure that the dogs and flies to make a feast out of your garbage, on your front door!